Folkestone Remembers: Remembrance Sunday

06.00am Battle’s Over – Sleep in Peace, Now the Battle’s Over 1,000 individual Pipers across the United Kingdom and countries around the world commence the day’s commemorations with the traditional Scottish lament played at the end of battle – Battle’s O’er. In Folkestone, a lone Piper will play Battle’s O’er under the Step Short Arch on The Leas.

11.00am Remembrance Sunday Service & Parade The Service and Parade will commence at 10.45am at the War Memorial at the top of the Road of Remembrance.

6.00pm Folkestone Remembers Music will be played on The Leas Bandstand and commemorative candles distributed, leading up to the end of the national Battle’s Over commemorations.

6.55pm Battle’s Over - The Last Post 1,000 individual Buglers will sound this historic tribute at WWI Beacons of Light locations across the Nation and UK Overseas Territories. In Folkestone a Bugler from one of the local Cadet Units will play by the Beacon on The Leas.

7.00pm Battle’s Over - WWI Beacons of Light Over 1,000 Beacons of Light symbolising an end to the darkness of war and a return to the light of peace will be lit across the Nation and UK Overseas Territories. In Folkestone, the Beacon on The Leas will be lit.

7.05pm Battle’s Over - Ringing Out for Peace 1,000 cathedrals and churches will ring out their bells across the Nation, and beyond, in celebration of peace.


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