Saltwood Church

St. Peter and St. Paul, Salt­wood is a Church of Eng­land Par­ish Church in the Dio­cese of Can­ter­bury. Many of those who wor­ship here live loc­ally but we wel­come vis­it­ors and there are refresh­ments after our main morn­ing service.

We have park­ing next to the church and the walk to the church is along a smooth, gently slop­ing path. We are wheel­chair access­ible, the easi­est access being through the kit­chen, although the threshold through the main door can be nego­ti­ated with a little assist­ance. If you need com­mu­nion admin­istered in the pew please let a sides­per­son know. There is an audio loop fit­ted for those with hear­ing aids. The wel­comer on the door will be happy to answer any ques­tions on your arrival. Chil­dren are wel­come at all our ser­vices, although the fam­ily ser­vice is the most child-friendly. There is a room at the back of church which can be used for chil­dren who become rest­less and a speaker is fit­ted to allow carers to hear the ser­vice. Our car­bon foot­print is prob­ably higher than it should be, but the church is warm!

Our main ser­vice on Sundays (except the first Sunday of the month) is a par­ish com­mu­nion, with parts of the Com­mon Wor­ship liturgy sung by our choir to a set­ting com­posed by our Dir­ector of Music. It lasts about sev­enty minutes and the ser­mon is usu­ally just over ten minutes. Our church­man­ship is ‘middle of the road’ although, like most vil­lage par­ish churches, our con­greg­a­tion rep­res­ents all the tra­di­tions of the Church of Eng­land. Our Fam­ily Ser­vice (nor­mally on the first Sunday of the month) is shorter, typ­ic­ally fifty five minutes, with a visual talk and no communion.

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